Finding your feet with pregnancy style

19th March 2020

Pregnancy style is very touch and go.

It’s very easy to feel like an unattractive blob of mashed potato when your body is constantly changing, almost becoming unrecognisable – not just to you, but to those around you, too. It can be very hard to learn to love your pregnancy body, let alone feel good in it.

And whilst clothes might not seem like the be all and end all, feeling good about yourself often comes from feeling happy and confident about how you look. While pregnant, all you long for is to feel good – so yep, clothes are pretty important.

That’s why the sooner you find your feet with pregnancy style, the better.

It took me 20ish weeks to begin finding my feet with my own pregnancy style – basically, once I settled into the second trimester and had a proper bump, styling myself became a little easier.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t make a dozen online orders as I tried to work out what looked good and what didn’t. What kind of maternity gear should I be wearing? How much did I need to size up? Would things I used to like wearing still suit me? And so on, and so on.

But I got there. And you will too!

Here are some tips from me to you, to help you find your pregnancy style…

pregnancy style

Pregnancy style – don’t try to look like a celebrity

When I first became pregnant, I found myself constantly looking at images of pregnant celebrities and wondering how they looked so damn good. Look at them, in their sexy bodycon mini dresses and staggeringly high stiletto heels. It’s maddening, isn’t it?

Stop. Take a minute to re-adjust your mindset.

First of all, many of these celebrities have stylists and makeup artists and hair stylists on hand to do all the hard work for them.

Secondly, celebrities have to – more often than not – dress up for photo opportunities and events. You can guarantee when they’re at home, they probably wear comfies like me and you!

Thirdly, comparison is the thief of all joy!!! They look great pregnant but that doesn’t mean you don’t. You can try to emulate their style or find your own – either way, whichever you choose, you’ll look fab. Trust me!

pregnancy style

Be prepared to experiment

If you liked to wear bralets and hotpants before, it’s always worth bearing in mind that you might not want to wear those – or look the same in those as you did before, of course.

Pregnancy is the perfect time to experiment with a brand new style for your brand new body. Maybe you didn’t have the confidence to wear bold patterns before, but now they look great with your cute new bump!

Perhaps you liked loose, floaty outfits but now want to wear tighter fitting clothes that show off your pregnancy bod.

Fashion should always be fun, so make sure you’re having fun with it!

It’s very easy to let your changing body shape and wardrobe stress you out – things not fitting how you want or looking the way you want them to, but try not to let that happen. If it gets too much, take some time out. Maybe go on a shopping spree with your friends – they’ll be able to offer honest opinions, guidance and advice, as well as make it more fun for you!

Try new styles, have fun with it and explore new styles – you’ll end up finding something you love.

pregnancy style third trimester

Adjust your current looks

If you’re comfortable in your comfies that are popular with a lot of pregnant people – you know, leggings and baggy tees and jumpers – then why not adjust your look ever so slightly without changing it?

You can switch leggings for patterned leggings, denim look jeggings or – my personal favourite – wet look leggings/faux leather leggings. Treat yourself to some new t-shirts with cute graphics and slogans, and jumpers that have a nice shape or pattern rather than just an oversized hoodie. You get the gist!

Don’t forget about accessories, either – they’re the key to any outfit, pregnant or not! You can change up any look with the right jewellery, handbags, jackets, belts, hair accessories and so on. One outfit can be completely changed with some well paired accessories.

pregnancy fashion comfy

Don’t feel like you have to stick to maternity clothes

I personally struggled with maternity clothes. I ordered them in my size, and one or two sizes bigger and just couldn’t make them fit – the bump space would sag around my own bump, it would be way too big (or sometimes too small) on the rest of my body. It just looked… rubbish.

I also found a lot of maternity clothes just looked… depressing. Sad, floral patterns, shapeless garments and outdated cuts and styles.

To battle this, I simply sized up in normal sized clothes. Usually, I would usually wear a size 12-14. I now wear normal size clothes in a 14-16. I have opted for a lot of clothes made of super stretchy material because a) they adapt to the growing bump and b) they will still hopefully fit me after pregnancy, so they’re an investment!

So don’t feel trapped with maternity clothes. You can just size up in normal sized clothes!

pregnancy style

Remember: comfies are fine!

You don’t need to look dolled up and glam or super stylish for the duration of your pregnancy. Being comfortable is the main thing, and that will be different for everyone.

Leggings are a Godsend when you’re pregnant because they’re stretchy and comfortable.

Wearing old comfy Converse is better for your achy feet over heeled boots – but some people will prefer heeled boots!

Don’t let anyone dictate to you what you should or shouldn’t be wearing. Don’t let anyone pin their expectations on you or shame you. Remember – this is an exciting time of your life, and whilst clothes do help you to feel good about yourself, they aren’t the be all and end all.

Fashion should be fun, but if it’s not, don’t fixate on it. It doesn’t matter! Being healthy and happy whilst your little baby grows inside you is all that counts.

third trimester style

If you’re after some pregnancy style inspo, why not follow me or Blossoming Bodies on Instagram? I share my outfits almost every day!

Do you have any tips for finding your feet when it comes to pregnancy fashion? Leave them below to help someone else!

Love from, Florence Grace

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