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Florence Grace | The Self Love Mama

Florence Grace – ‘The Self Love Mama’ – is not your average mum. In between navigating life as a first time mum, travelling and boozy brunches, she is a writer, content creator and presenter from Buckinghamshire.

You won’t just find honest parenting articles here, but also content that helps you learn to love yourself and boosts your body confidence too.

Florence has previously worked with several brands covering all of the above areas, including Ivyverdure, DEPIXYM, The Scandi Baby, Foreo, Ohne, Giovanni’s Gelato and Figleaves.

A keen advocate for all things self love and body confidence, Florence has spoken about both of these topics for The Metro, The Telegraph and on BBC Radio 1. She has also discussed becoming a first time mum during a global pandemic for The Metro and LadBible.

A former radio presenter and broadcast assistant for Reprezent Radio, Florence Grace now hosts her own podcasts. The Blossoming podcast focuses on self love and body confidence for all. The Self Love Mum Club podcast focuses on finding the ‘you’ that exists alongside being ‘mum’. In addition to this, she presents Safe Drive, Stay Alive at the Wycombe Swan Theatre every year. She has also provided voice over talent to Buckinghamshire Council’s award-winning Winter Driving module, the Older Driver Module and the Speeding Module.

When she’s not hunched over her laptop attempting to achieve global domination via the internet, Florence can be found eating out at restaurants with her partner, enjoying a cocktail with the girls or enjoying days out with her family.

For more from Florence on self love, body confidence and some honest parenting too, you can follow her on Instagram at instagram.com/florencegraceuk